Yikes – Nail Clipping


Hello everybody, my name is Thumper.  My mum said I should do this post as I have been a well behaved bunny today.  We all had our nails clipped today, most of us behaved but I was particularly well behaved.  I just let mum get on with it & then it’s over & done with in a couple of minutes.  The naughty bunnies were Teddy & Daisy, in fact Daisy was very naughty & bit my mum.  She wasn’t too pleased.
I also have news that a new page on claw clipping has been added to our website.  Please click here to read more about nail clipping.  Take note, nail clipping isn’t just about clipping our nails it should be part of a regular health assessment.

Nail clipping time? Oh what’s happening outside? Must distract mum.
Mum is grooming us as well as nail clipping. I’m not keen. Where is my treat? It’s around here somewhere.

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