Poorly Rumble.

Rumble tired out after his medication & trip to the vets.

Rumble’s allergy seems to have got away from our control recently. The last 3 weeks he has slowly but surely been losing weight & this last week his mucus has been rattling more.  He is bright in himself, normal poos & I do see him eating. He is drinking ok too.

However, if only things were that simple.  Is it his allergy causing the weight loss or is something else going on?  What we do know is that the mucus is on his chest whereas normally it is contained in his head area. So for now we’re going to take the soft route & see if a course of antibiotics solves the problem.  If that doesn’t work then it will be blood tests. He is on the antibiotics for 12 days, 0.4ml twice a day & weekly weigh ins.

A day after the vet visit, Thursday,  & Rumble is a lot less snotty around his nose. This however, doesn’t have anything to do with the antibiotics as he has only had 2 doses so far. His allergy is aggravated by stress so on Wednesday when he went to the vets the stress of the car journey had  amplified his symptoms considerably. That is the reason why I agonise so much over when do I take him to the vets.  Previously, it has taken him days to recover from a car journey .  As he ages the stress & allergy take their toll more too, often he is exhausted after a long bout of sneezing or a car journey.Hopefully, the antibiotics will get us back on top of his allergy.

Today Rumble is a lot less noisy on his chest & the rattle appears to be going. The mucus around his nose has decreased too.

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