Rumble Update.

Rumble awaiting his treat after his medication.

Rumble has done a week on antibiotics & there has definitely been an improvement but I can still hear a rattle of mucus on his chest.  He is still bright, drinking ok & appearing to eat but the scales showed on Sat a slight weight loss. I am hoping that was caused by the vet trip as it definitely upset him.

I am on occasion having to give him a drop of Maxitrol eye drops into his right eye as it sometimes is very wet with clear tears running out of it. It always seems to clear up after a couple of days. I am also giving him the odd puff on his inhaler which does seem to help him breathe.  Once he has had his puff, the noises coming from him quieten & I can only assume that is because the inhaler has opened up his airways a little & he can breathe a little easier. Of course the frustrating thing is nothing can ever be proved.

Rumble has 5 days left on antibiotics then it’s a case of seeing how he is & maybe speaking to the vet.  I’m hoping I see more of an improvement in the next day or so & on Sat a weight gain or at least no further loss.

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