Daisy Goes French & Toffee’s Gone Blonde!

Strange things occurred with Daisy & Toffee’s summer coats. Daisy became a Citroen girl!   Note just the one black mark above her nose.

Daisy with just the one black mark just above her nose.

After her winter moult another black mark appeared above her nose making her black marks now resemble the Citroen car Badge.

Daisy now has two black marks just above her nose making her look like she is promoting Citroen cars!

As you can see it is very tiring being the Citroen girl.

Not only has Daisy had an interesting coat change but Toffee too….

Here is Toffee with his winter chocolate & brown coat…..
… and again, note his chocolate head.

Then his summer coat comes….

He goes blonde!

Note his chocolate head now has blonde streaks through it & his coat is several shades lighter. Perhaps Toffee enjoys the sun too much!




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