Worst Offenders Named!

Teddy’s moult getting going.

Teddy is one of the worst offenders at moulting.  His coat is really starting to shed a lot, the above picture was before he was combed. His fur is very dense & does have a tendency to knot but fortunately it knots away from his skin.

Teddy after his comb.

The above photo is of Teddy after his comb. You can see towards his rump there is plenty more ready to shed but not today as he’d had enough.

Teddy’s big fur pile!

One would imagine he is pleased to have got rid of all that loose fur.

Toffee before his comb.

Toffee is yet another offender of moulting a significant amount.  His coat is like wool & has a tendency to knot, unfortunately near his skin.  His coat has to have regular maintenance whether he is moulting or not due to it’s length & wooliness.

Toffee after his comb.

The photo above is of Toffee after his comb.  You can see the darker colour of his winter coat coming through.  The lighter patches are his summer coat waiting to shed, as you can see he has quite a way to go yet.

Toffee’s large fur pile.

Once again I think Toffee was relieved to have got rid of the loose fur for now.

Daisy before her comb.

Daisy is the ultimate offender of moulting.  You can’t tell from the photo but there is a mass of fur just waiting to come off her. Her white coat is shedding by the handful. She never stays still & is a nervous bunny to comb. Daisy hasn’t had much interaction in her previous homes so she is still adjusting to new experiences, combing being one of them.  You’ve got to watch those gnashes too!!

Daisy after her comb not that you can tell!!!

The above photo is of Daisy after her comb but you would never guess.  Her coat is one that you could keep combing until the cows come home.  As soon as you think you’ve combed a good percentage of fur off her, she wanders about & it looks as bad as ever or worse!!!

Daisy’s massive fur pile.

The above photo is Daisy’s huge fur pile but it probably doesn’t look that massive, maybe it’s because I ate a lot, got loads stuck to me & the table mat wanted to keep most of it.  I foresee many more weeks of this pile size.

Rumble looking a lot happier.

Rumble Update

Rumble has been weighed today & pleased to report he has gained weight so that is promising.  He just has to be consistent now in his weight gain, he certainly needs a few more weeks gaining to return to a decent weight.  His infection appears to be on it’s way out, he has a lot less mucus & you can barely hear the rattle on his chest.  Fingers crossed he continues like that & stays good when he comes off the antibiotics in a couple of days.


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