Rumble’s Vet Visit.

Rumble wondering what is going on.

Rumble had a recent vet visit to establish where we are at with his allergy.  His symptoms had grown worse since the experiment of the other inhaler but since giving him his blue inhaler again he has greatly improved.  However, I still needed to be sure the mucus had not gone on to his chest & he’d ended up with a chest infection.

Rumble looking worried that something bad is afoot.
Rumble’s suspicions are confirmed when he sees his basket.

At the vets he had a thorough check up & it was found that the mucus was all in his head & throat area. So thankfully, no chest infection. I was able to pick some medication up for him to help when needed.  This was Bisolvon powder & antibiotics.
The vet also suggested trying Rumble on a nebulizer. The hope is that the moist air will break up the crud in his head area & help him to open & clear his airways. The nebulizer is on order.

Rumble surprisingly travelled very well to the vets. It ended up being a long journey due to roadworks & that other mysterious nothing that delays traffic! Due to the very slow speed the ride was very smooth & I think that, in part, helped Rumble keep calm.  Also he wasn’t as poorly as he was on his last vet visit. I was very relieved.  The journey back home wasn’t so smooth due to a ridiculous diversion for yet more roadworks.  The difference in Rumble by the time we got home from the vets was great.  He had gone from a dry eye to a milky eye, his breathing was hard & fast & his nose had gone from wet to very wet with mucus. I gave him his inhaler & some Bisolvon powder.  Within the hour he had settled & seemed a lot better.

Rumble returned from the vets & has just been medicated.

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