Toffee Plays Free While Patch is Confined.

Toffee, deciding where to go.

It was Toffee & Patch’s turn to have a ‘freedom’ play but poor Patch is still confined, so while Toffee runs free Patch sat in a basket.

Toffee running free.
Patch confined, although she is enjoying the fresh air & grass.

Patch has 1 week to go now before another X-ray to see how things are mending. If the leg looks good it’s possible the metalwork will be removed.

Toffee after paying a visit to Patch.
Toffee finds an interesting smell while Daisy looks on.
He follows the scent trail.
Toffee considers the scent.
Then he spots the shed door, he want to go in but there will be plenty of time over winter to investigate the shed.
Toffee decides to have a chat with Daisy seen as he can’t go in.
Toffee, back inside resting after his energetic play out.

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