The Lawnmowers!

Teddy the lawnmower!

Teddy & Daisy were allowed free play out of their outdoor pens, & what did they do? Eat & eat & eat.

Teddy eating again!

Basically, Teddy exited his pen & became a bunny lawn mower, he practically mowed his way round the outdoor pens & even when he jumped on the back garden, he continued his mowing, whereas it’s usually the opportunity to have a good speedy run. Was Daisy any different? Not much.

Daisy – lawnmower number 2!

She did break form & jump on the back garden.

Daisy deciding if she should wander further.


She has a rethink about being on the back garden.
Daisy joins Big Ted for more mowing.
Then it was back to their pen for a snuggle.

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