Who Started the Moult?

Daisy looking dishevelled.

The moult is now underway & everyone is shedding their summer coat & gaining their winter one.  Daisy was the one who started it all!

An aerial view of Daisy’s coat.

You can see from the above photo, Daisy’s moult is down to her shoulders. Look for the fur being fluffier & sticking out. Bunnies always moult from the head first.

A side view of Daisy’s shedding coat.
The result of Daisy’s comb.

Considering just how much Daisy’s coat is shedding, it was rather disappointing to get so little off her. But there were other bunnies closely following her moult.

Thumper having a bad moult this year.

Thumper doesn’t usually have such a moult that he needs combing but not this year.

You can see just how much fur wants to come off.
Here’s Thumper’s result, this is rather a lot for Thumper.
Toffee’s coat has started too.

Toffee’s coat is always the most fascinating to watch moult as his summer & winter coat are so different in colour. From the photo above you can see his blond & ginger colour, this is his summer coat.  The photo below you can see more of his winter coat which is a duller brown.

Toffee has a multicoloured coat when moulting.

As you can see from the photo above, Toffee isn’t strictly moulting to the norm this year, his back seems to have leapt ahead with the moult earlier than his head, he still has his blonde streak on the top of his head.

The result of Toffee’s comb, lots more to come off yet though.
Tilly starting her moult.

Tilly is just starting her moult & the comb brings nothing off.  You can just make out a bit of loose fur on her black back, that only occurred because I was stroking her & that is how I am helping her moult – plenty of strokes to remove the loose hairs.

Remember – to help your bunnies with the moult, lots of combing, daily if you have to, & a well balanced diet will help them cope with the stress of it. If you’d like to learn more about moulting click here.

You will notice all the bunnies are on the scales, they were having a weigh in too.  Regular weight checks are a good thing to do as it can highlight any illnesses early.


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