Introducing Peanut.


I would like to introduce you all to Peanut, the new addition to my family.  Normally, the new bunny would introduce themselves but Peanut is very shy & very, very nervous.  I adopted him about a month ago to be Tilly’s new husbun.
Peanut was nine weeks old when he went into the sanctuary & he went in with some siblings. They were all adopted but poor Peanut kept getting overlooked, consequently he spent the next year living at the sanctuary.

Once home, Peanut spent six days living next door to Tilly & then early one morning he took matters into his own paws. He broke through my partition, which involved moving blocks of wood, to get to Tilly.  They’d had a bit of a skirmish as there was a some fur but generally they seemed to have tolerated each other well.  I have to admit I was a touch surprised after Tilly’s failed bonding with Toffee. I decided to leave them together & monitor closely. They showed no aggression towards each other & went down the ‘I am ignoring you’ path, which was great.

Tilly grooming Peanut.

Within a few days they were sitting, eating & relaxing close to each other.  By the end of seven days the bond was done, which was a huge relief. I am so grateful to Peanut for taking the stress out of it!!! What was also unusual about this bond is that it wasn’t done in neutral territory, all done in Tilly’s which is practically unheard of & something you would never intentionally do.

Tilly asking for a groom from Peanut – he obliged.

As of today they are getting on really well & their bond is deepening.

Tilly being very protective of Peanut.

Peanut is slowly growing in confidence week by week, but as you can see from the photos he is very worried by humans & the new thing – the camera. I am letting him take things at his own pace & he looks to Tilly & follows her lead.  She is a great reassurance to him.  Tilly is a very happy bunny now & so is Peanut after being on his own for a year.

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