Christmas Has Come Early!

Tilly getting the unusually early sprout tree.

The bunnies got an early Christmas present in the shape of a sprout tree, thanks to their Aunty C.  Tilly & Peanut were the first to have a munch.  Unfortunately, Peanut couldn’t hold his nerve when the camera came out.

Tilly enjoying the tree all to herself. Peanut joined her later, when the camera had gone.
Poppy & Toffee enjoying a good munch.

Next to have the tree were Poppy & Toffee.  Now you may wonder who Poppy is, she’s Toffee’s new missus & will be introducing herself soon.

Poppy’s first sprout tree & she made no bones about getting stuck in.

Thumper & Annie finally get the tree.

Thumper & Annie had eagerly watched the sprout tree doing it’s rounds & they couldn’t wait to get munching.

Teddy & Daisy get the sprout tree at last.

After a long wait, just over twenty fours hours, but that is a long time for these two when it involves food, they finally get their teeth into it.

The tree is stripped & Daisy gives up, but not Big Ted.
All that was left, however not for long. It disappeared later that morning.

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