The Abscess Duo!

Annie relaxing.

Annie saw the vet on Weds for a recheck of her abscess. At the moment,  Annie has a very tiny hard lump on her head, the vet is undecided as to whether it is the abscess or scar tissue.  It was decided that it was time to find out what that lump is, so the antibiotics were stopped .  It will be an anxious couple of weeks while we wait to see if her abscess returns.  As of today,  Annie’s lump has remained the same but we have a way to go yet.

Teddy enjoying the outdoors.

Teddy joined Annie on the vet visit for his abscess check.  Amazingly, there is no sign of any lump, scar tissue or absolutely anything.  I just can’t believe it after how grim the original prognosis was. Teddy also had his antibiotics stopped & as of today, there is no sign of a lump. Once again, it will be a nerve wrecking couple of weeks while we wait to see if the abscess returns.

In the meantime both Annie & Teddy are enjoying life with their partners, without a care in the world! Unlike me!

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