Daisy Goes Solo.


It has been about six weeks since Teddy passed away & Daisy is coping pretty well.  In the beginning she became very aggressive, this I think, was due to her having to deal with situations on her own, basically she was a little scared.  Teddy was the one who always dealt with things first & Daisy used to sit back, watch & then follow suit.  She has since calmed down a little but you still have to be mindful of her & watch how she is reacting.  Daisy had her first play around the shed on her own & it did her the world of good to meet the other bunnies.

First job for Daisy was to contemplate the rearranged play area.
Daisy considers her next move.
Daisy has a quick visit to Toffee who ignores her.
Daisy gets a whiff of a stranger.
The stranger, Apollo, meets Daisy.
Daisy intrigued by Apollo.

Daisy spent the rest of the time investigating Apollo & then going for a long siesta.  Fingers crossed they fall in love soon.


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