Daisy’s Vet Visit.

Daisy loves her grass.

A week or so ago, Daisy paid a visit to the vet to have her teeth checked. When the bunnies have their vaccination they all have a full Mot.  At Daisy’s check it was found that she was beginning with spurs, they weren’t bad enough at the time to warrant a dental but they needed an eye keeping on them. Daisy has had to have a dental before.  It was arranged that in six months time after the vaccinations she would be rechecked.  The six  months was up & even though she was eating fine I got her checked, always best to nip things in the bud. Fortunately, Daisy’s teeth have remained the same which means her diet is keeping things as they are. That was a huge relief especially as she is getting older, she is eight years old this month.  How time flies!

To find out more about bunny teeth & the issues click here.

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