Angel Annie.

Beautiful Annie. 2013-2022.

So my baby Annie decided to leave us on Friday. So heartbroken.  Thursday evening I noticed she didn’t seem well but I managed to get her eating & she settled with Thumper as always.  Friday after monitoring her all morning I knew by her behaviour something wasn’t right. She needed reminding to eat her breakfast & spent all morning, just like Thursday sat in her pipe seemingly enjoying the wind tunnel effect.

Annie was in this positions for hours & that is why I got the photo to see her better.
Thumper, as ever always by her side.

By mid afternoon she was on her way to the vets.  She was quite alert during the car journey & once again was wanting air blowing on her, which I obliged with the air vents. At the vets she was breathing weirdly & I have seen this before when a bunny is struggling to come out of the anaesthetic. I knew she was dying. Once in with the vet she kept jumping into my arms which was quite staggering knowing how weak she was. The vet did several checks on her & said her heart is running slow.  She then seemed to go quite limp & began gasping. I held her in my arms as she was helped to pass on. The shed won’t be the same without Annie & poor Thumper losing his beloved Annie.

2 thoughts on “Angel Annie.

  1. I’m sorry for your loss.
    I hope you can take some solice knowing you were there for her in the end and what a great life she had.

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