My Worrying Duo.

Tilly, head tilt gone.

A couple of weeks back my Tilly came in with a head tilt one evening.  I immediately dosed her with Panacur just in case it was the dreaded E. Cuniculi  She had a blood test & it came back positive for E.Cuniculi.  Her results were very high.  Even though her result is very high, Tilly has no symptoms as we come to the end of the Panacur treatment & her head tilt has gone. I am slightly suspicious of her hind legs in that she seems a little stiff on them but I noticed this before the E. Cuniculi incident. The illness won’t have helped though. She is back to normal in everyway too & I think we have been very lucky things weren’t worse & she is as good as she is.  The vet said it was all down to her being given the Panacur immediately.  The one thing you can’t do with this is wait, as more damage is being done by the parasite. Will be a worrying day today as she has now finished her Panacur.


Sweet Toffee as anyone will know who has been reading the posts, Toffee has cataracts.  He has a particularly thick one on his left eye.  I monitor his cataracts always looking for changes & last week I spotted one. It looked like his cataract had moved.

Toffee’s cataract. Notice it’s position on the eye.
Toffee’s cataract now. Notice it’s new position.

Toffee had a good examination at the vets & he has been diagnosed with Lens Luxation. Lens Luxation basically means the lens has floated free from it’s anchoring. The anchoring are fibres & it’s possible with the cataract being so thick, the fibres haven’t been able to support the weight of the lens anymore, resulting in it breaking free.

What does this mean for Toffee?
Well, it means he is at risk of developing Glaucoma, the lens could potentially block any drainage & then he will get fluid build up in his eye resulting in pressure building.  This will be painful & his only option will be to have his eye removed although I have yet to investigate if there are any eye drops out there that would help.  As Toffee is nearly 9 years old, having an anaesthetic would be very high risk. It literally would be a life or death situation.  I can only hope the Glaucoma stays away.

Toffee did have his eye pressure checked & they were normal, in fact that eye was lower than last time. He is to be closely monitored & in a months time have his eye pressure checked again.

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