Meet Katie.


Hi everyone,  I am Katie an English Angora. I am 2 years old & was handed into a sanctuary as I was no longer wanted.  I am a proper pedigree as I came with my own family tree.

I was very quiet when I first came to this new home but after getting used to the routine & noises I am finding my feet.  I think my new mum is ok but I am a bit sceptical of her grooming methods, she tells me she is a bit rusty as it has been many, many years since she had her last Angora. I think it is going to be a journey for the both of us!

I have been outside too at this new home & there was lots to investigate, so many new smells.  I like being outside & my mum keeps me well shaded from the sun.  This coat is rather thick.

Oooo what’s over here.
So many interesting smells!

I have met my new husbun to be, Thumper, but I am not allowed to say anymore.

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