It’s Love.

Katie & Thumper, loved up!

A week ago I introduced Katie to Thumper. Katie was very unsure as she hasn’t ever been paired but my good old lad, Thumper, knew just what to do.

Katie & Thumper’s first meet.

Thumper seemed to sense Katie didn’t know what to do & also that she was a little scared of all the noises in the room they were being paired.

Thumper goes to introduce himself to a shy Katie.

I did have to call it a day after their first meet as Katie was so unsettled by the new noises & it was hampering any progress. The following day I took them to another room.

Thumper by now was very interested in Katie & made the first move at grooming.

The first groom is always a Yippee moment.  Sometime later Katie repaid Thumper but it was a very nervous groom but Thumper knew just what to do so she felt comfortable.

Thumper very relaxed which made Katie calmer.
Thumper keeping his butt warm!

I felt confident that all was going to be well overnight with them but I did set up a camera so I could keep checking.  The following morning all was fine & they haven’t looked back since.

Thumper enjoys a cuddle with Katie.

To make sure their bond was cemented I kept them away from the other bunnies.  Most of them can’t help but interfere & I wanted to keep things calm.  I have to say, one of the easier bonds by far.

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