Summer Weight Loss.

Annie having her monthly weigh in.

It was monthly weigh time. Everybody had either lost weight or stayed the same.  Once the bunnies are able to go outside on a regular basis I tend to find that most of them lose weight as they are getting a lot more exercise.  They also don’t eat as much hay & this is because they are eating a lot more grass & forage.

Annie wanting to get back to what she was doing.
Rumble doesn’t like being weighed. Normally the towel would be in a big ball by now as he displays his annoyance.
Tilly not a fan either of being weighed – “Let me off this thing”!

I am still having a battle with Tilly & Rumble over the food although most of it is now being eaten. Tilly is managing to maintain her weight at the moment but Rumble is still losing.

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