One Poorly Teddy.


Teddy is quite poorly at the moment.  It all started on Thursday evening. He looked very uncomfortable & was quite restless.  I dosed him with Infacol for his guts  & Metacam for any pain.  I suspected he had started with gut issues. A couple of hours later he looked a lot more comfortable but still wasn’t right. I kept tempting him to eat but he would only pick at the food which is so not like Teddy.  Normally he nearly takes your hand off.
The following morning he was still looking quite comfortable but still not interested in food. I took him to the vets & it was confirmed he had gut issues.  Teddy had a good check up & no gas was found to have built up & a few gut noises were being heard but there wasn’t much in his stomach.
He was given painkillers & a gut stimulant.  I was to continue with the gut stimulant later that day & the painkiller.  I was also to syringe feed him some recovery or in my case I had a couple of sachets of Critical Care.  If he was no better he was to go back the following morning.

Teddy’s treatment. Gut stimulant & Critical Care plus a towel for the mess!

The following morning he was back at the vets.  He had improved but was still not back to normal.  The vet gave him another good check & it was found he now had food in his stomach & the top part of his intestines was sounding good but the second part wasn’t. It really needed to get moving.  I was advised to continue the plan but water the Critical Care down so he was getting more fluids & try & get some fibre into him.
By Saturday evening he was looking brighter & had done a few very small poos. However, he was still picking at his food. Fortunately, he was mainly eating hay & grass so was eating good fibre. He is also drinking too.

As of this morning he is brighter & keener for his food but is still only picking at it. I have also found a few poos. I am continuing the plan & I have been letting him out on the garden in the hope the exercise will help get his guts moving & there is a lot of grass for him to eat too. I can only hope he returns to normal soon.  I shall have to see what tomorrow brings. What a worry!

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