Face of Innocence.

Teddy a picture of innocence.

However, Teddy is not innocent at all.  In fact he has been found guilty of this…..

Teddy’s pipe mat rather chewed.

Teddy & Daisy’s mat has been nicely sat in their pipe to the outdoors for over 2 weeks.  This mat stops them slipping when using the pipe as the pipes surface is smooth. I found the mat in their outdoor pen one day in the above state.

How did I know it was Teddy not Daisy? I gave them the mat back & watched.  Teddy immediately got hold of it,  pulled it out of the pipe & proceeded to chew it. So I confiscated it.
He doesn’t seem to realise it was there for a purpose not just something for him to destroy. I suppose I should be grateful he piled all the chewed bits into the middle of the mat for me! He really did.


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