Mr Wild Bun Strikes Again!

Rumble resting after Mr Wild Bun’s spraying visit!

Rumble not only covered in soil but Mr Wild Bun’s pee too!
And this was the result once Rumble had come inside.
What a ‘lovely’ orange coat.

Mr Wild Bun on his regular visits like to make sure he owns everything. I must admit I am impressed by the range of his spray & how he manages to cover everything & everyone so well. However, I don’t think Rumble was too impressed.  I gave Rumble a wipe over with a damp cloth but it didn’t really make much difference so once the coat had dried I gave him a quick comb. At least his fur isn’t stuck together now.

As for Mr Wild Bun…..

……..he too must have felt he needed a wash as Big Ted looks on.

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