“Oh no, not the weigh in again.”

Not only did Tilly have a weigh in but a quick comb over too.  She has started her moult but it’s pretty mild at the moment.

Rumble’s weigh.

Rumble has remained the same weight as earlier this week so at least he hasn’t lost any.  He appears to be ticking over nicely after his recent allergy flare up but I am still monitoring closely.  I would like him to be consistent i.e. his weight increasing every week. Rumble is just finishing his moult so a quick comb sufficed.


Patch had a weigh in, weight ok & a quick groom. Her coat has more or less finished it’s moult.

Toffee wanting to be off because he knows it’s the comb next!
The result of the comb.

Toffee still has a way to go with his moult yet but his weight is good.

Thumper just wanting to get the weigh over.

Thumper’s weight is good & it was a quick comb as his moult is almost done.

Annie fed up of all the handling recently.

Annie as usual needed a lot of combing but she hasn’t got much more to shed. Her weight was good.

Annie & Thumper’s combing results. Big difference.
Daisy looking for her treat already!

Daisy’s weight was good but she required lots of combing as she is shedding lots & lots of fur.  However, as usual she wasn’t that co operative so a compromise was done.

I wish Daisy had let me comb more out!
Teddy also wanting his treat – now!

Teddy barely stayed still & was after his treat constantly.  However, I did get a weight & all ok.  As for his combing, well, I did manage to get a reasonable amount off him but plenty more to go.

Teddy’s fur pile.

Hoping next week is less chaotic & much less combing & Rumble has gained weight.


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