Rumble & Tilly’s Playtime.

Rumble resting & Tilly thinking what shall she do next.

It was  Rumble & Tilly’s turn to have a play indoors.  They loved it, investigating everything. In fact little Rumble tired himself out in the end.

Rumble finished his investigation of the box.
Tilly couldn’t decide on what to explore next.
She chose the chair next.
Rumble didn’t mind the cat scratching post unlike baby Thumper last week who was a touch scared of it.
Tilly has a mad run!
Rumble investigates the oak block.
Tilly not interested in the gap behind the box but Rumble thinks about squeezing behind.
Yep, he’s giving it a go!
After all that exploring, time for a spot of lovely hay for lunch.
Rumble resting after his day of exploring.

As for Tilly, she wouldn’t stay still & kept investigating & visiting the other bunnies all day. That’s young bunnies for you!!

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