Lucky Bunnies Snatch Some Outside Playtime.

Rumble & Tilly making the most of munching grass whilst outside.

Seen as the weather cleared for a few hours in the afternoon, four lucky bunnies got to snatch a few hours outside.

Teddy & Daisy were able to have a few hours in Toffee & Patch’s outdoor pen.
Rumble & Teddy enjoying the fresh air contemplating things.
Teddy giving Daisy a quick nuzzle – his ulterior motive is he wants to jump on to the box! Meanwhile Tilly has a quick run.
Rumble still munching while Tilly has a quick groom.
Tilly visits Teddy in a boisterous manner while Rumble looks on slightly annoyed.
Rumble having a total relax after his play outside whilst Tilly gives him a good groom.

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