Destruction is Good!

Any opportunity & Daisy will have a go at any box.

Now winter is approaching & the bunnies have limited time playing outside they become more destructive. One of the boredom breakers they all love are cardboards boxes.  They particularly like the one in the photo above as not only can you rip it up but sit on it & go through it. Daisy is the champion box destroyer at the moment. No box is safe in her company.

Teddy not wanting to miss out also joins in & helps rip the box.
Daisy’s teeth work.
More of Daisy’s work.
Patch & Toffee have made a start on their relatively new box.
Daisy’s other box accomplishments.
With help from Teddy of course.

Boredoms breakers like these boxes are essential to keep a bunny entertained & stimulated.  It helps keep them healthy.

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