Anyone For a Manicure?

Daisy with a reassuring hand all is going to be ok.

It’s that time again when all the bunnies nails need checking & clipping if necessary.  First up was Daisy.  Daisy finds being handled very stressful.  I think this has been caused by something in her past, either not being handled enough or too roughly.  Over time she is getting better but you do need a lot of patience with her & you have to watch those teeth!  Daisy was pretty good this time & let me check her claws & clip them without too much trouble, of course it always helps to have a treat at the ready.

Patch glad her nail clip is over.
Toffee awaiting his nail clip.
Tilly having a weigh in first.

I am still monitoring Tilly & Rumble’s weight on a regular basis since the whole attempt of a food change didn’t quite work out.

Rumble wanting to hide away.
Teddy gets very anxious over his nail clip.

Teddy is another bunny who worries a lot over being handled.  I suspect he hasn’t been handled much & has had unpleasant experiences in his past.

You can see Teddy’s stress in this photo. The flat ears, the look of panic but he did manage pretty well.

Teddy also has ticklish feet, which doesn’t help especially when I try to splay the nails so I can see what I am clipping.  Teddy also got a good brush & had his eye drops put in.  He was rewarded with a treat afterwards.

Remember – Nail clipping shouldn’t just be about clipping their nails.  You should use it as part of a health assessment.  You can get some information from the nails as to your rabbit’s health. If one of your rabbit’s paws has longer nails than the other 3 paws this could indicate that they are not using that leg properly.  This could suggest early arthritis or that the leg has suffered an injury.  Early indications of any health problems ,in my opinion, is great as you can monitor or take appropriate action before it becomes worse or starts to cause serious issues.




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