Rumble’s Experiment.

Rumble having his usual weekly weigh.

Rumble has an allergy & I am always looking for ways to help him cope with it.  Some time back I trialled an asthma inhaler containing active ingredients Beclometasone Dipropionate (steroid medication) & Formoterol Fumarate Dihydrate (is a long-acting bronchodilator). This is a preventer inhaler & the dosage was one spray daily.  My aim was to help keep his symptoms under control especially his sneezes, as they appear to cause the most problems for him. He is usually quite exhausted after many sneezes & his mucus increases. It did not help & I thought it could possibly have been due to the way it was administered. It was administered via an aerochamber.  I think this inhaler’s particles are heavy so they may not have carried across the chamber resulting in Rumble getting a very small dose hence it not working.

Pink Inhaler currently being trialled again.

My line of thought was to try & get Rumble a mask where the particles wouldn’t have to travel as far.  The mask found is in the photo below.

The mask.
As you can see quite a big hole at the front which is difficult to fully cover.
Rumble having his dose.

As you can see from the photo above, the particles have less distance to travel compared to the aerochamber below.

Aero chamber with blue inhaler attached.

Rumble has had the pink inhaler for 4 days now & even though I see the mist around his nose it doesn’t appear to be having any effect.  In fact Rumble has actually got slightly worse, all his other medication I stopped. His other medication was Bisolvon powder which is a decongestant, & a blue asthma inhaler. Of course the dilemma is do I continue for another few days or is it pointless as asthma inhalers are meant to work immediately.  I know Rumble would probably prefer me to stop as he isn’t as comfortable with this mask as the aerochamber mask.

If you’d like to know more about Rumble’s allergy & the medication I have tried please click the link. Rumble’s allergy

If anyone out there has had any experiences with allergies in their rabbits please leave details on the comments section. I would love to hear other allergy stories whether it’s bunnies or another pet.


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