Vaccinations Again!

“Yikes – Not another vet visit!”

Poor Thumper really did not like the vet visit, however all was forgotten once he had his treat.

“Oh no, it’s not my turn is it?”

The time had come for their second lot of vaccinations, this time it was myxomatosis & VHD1. Really important to have these vaccines as the myxomatosis season is about to start.

Rumble got a fantastic bill of health.

The bunnies all had a quick check up & Rumble’s allergy is well under control. All that could be heard from him was a slight clicking noise in his throat. The nebulizer must be doing the trick. I have also noticed his mucus is a lot less & thinner.

So now all the bunnies have been vaccinated, weather permitting, they’ll be allowed outside in 2 weeks time. It takes that long for the vaccine to¬†protect them. We all can’t wait!

If you’d like to find out more about the diseases they need vaccinating against click here.

Remember if you don’t vaccinate, you are putting your bunny at serious risk of a painful death.

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