Comb, Nail Clip & Weigh In.

Daisy having her weigh in after a comb & nail clip.

They say things come in threes & it did for most of the bunnies. Daisy, pictured above, had to be combed, weighed & have her nails clipped. She was not a happy bun after all that but a little treat soon calmed her down.

Teddy halfway through his nail clip wishing it was over.

Teddy too had to have all three things. We got the comb & weigh out of the way first & then on to his nail clip. Teddy has ticklish feet so it was a touch tricky to say the least. Eventually, after many treats later he was all done.

Annie having her weigh in.
Annie just finished her comb.
Not much came out today.

After Annie’s weigh in & comb, next was the nail clip. Fortunately, Annie kept quite calm this time.

Toffee & Patch waiting patiently.

Luckily for Toffee & Patch it was just a comb & weigh in. I managed the nail clip last week.

Patch fed up now & wanting to go home.
“Please can I go home mum?”
“If Patch is going home, I want to go too.”

All bunnies done until next week! At least it’ll just be a comb.

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