“Oh no, It’s not the vets is it?”

It’s vacation time for the bunnies!

“Did you say vacation? That’s ok then.”
Baskets at the ready.
Rumble & Tilly relaxing before their journey to Auntie D’s.

Rumble & Tilly stay with their Auntie D while on holiday rather than their grandparents. This is because Rumble has the potential to need intensive care if he is ill.

All the other bunnies stay at their grandparents.

Teddy & Daisy chillin’ before the car journey.
Patch unaware she has a car journey ahead of her.
Thumper & Annie having a good drink before the journey.

Most travel reasonably well but certainly for Rumble it is very stressful. At least both journeys are not more than 30mins.

Well, the bunnies will be back in a couple of weeks. So long for now!

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