Don’t Do It!

Rumble would like your attention.

My name is Rumble & I am doing this blog as I feel very strongly about this subject. Easter is fast approaching & there are many bunny pictures everywhere. We bunnies are looking very cute & doing cute lovable things in all the adverts, this makes us very appealing. In fact just as tempting to buy as Easter eggs. However, please DON’T.

We are a lifelong commitment & can live up to 10yrs, sometimes more. We should not be a flight of fancy, or bought on a whim just because we look so cute & adorable. The amount of us who are bought for these reasons are quickly abandoned once the novelty has worn off & the realisation that there is a lot more to looking after a bunny than you first thought.

I myself was abandoned in a field with my siblings, I am not saying because of Easter, but even so I was abandoned. Only me & one of my siblings survived. Abandoning is not just discarding us in a field, it is taking us into your home, staying there for a few months & then being cast off to some sanctuary, or passed on to the next carer & on it goes unless you find some who wants you for keeps!

My friend Patch would also like a word.

Patch wanting a word.

Yes, thank you Rumble. I would like a word.  See these egg nests, stick to buying this kind of thing for Easter. You know we cost more than £1.25 & you would only get one of us. Then there are the vet bills, not cheap & will probably be a shock to a first time bunny owner but that is the price you have to pay for having us.

Rumble not impressed by Easter.

So folks, remember don’t buy a bunny for Easter & if you still feel you really want one after Easter. Please visit a sanctuary & rescue one & make sure you talk thoroughly with them to find out just what is involved in looking after us.

Patch agrees with Rumble.

I fully agree with Rumble folks & if you really, really must buy a bunny, please rehome the bunnies below.



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