He’s Back!

Mr Wild Bun!

Mr Wild Bun returns for the third year. Amazingly, he returned the first day my bunnies played out. He visited them all but likes to pay special attention to Thumper.

Thumper & Mr Wild Bun have a meet while Annie & Teddy look on.
Lots of excitement – see the raised tail?
Thumper ignoring him but that doesn’t stop him staying.
Thumper can’t resist going back to Mr Wild Bun.
Both getting very chatty now.
Mr Wild Bun goes into an excited roll while Thumper looks on.
He finishes his roll.
And then…..
Goes straight back to Thumper.

Mr Wild bun stays with my bunnies all day, he will graze quite happily along side them & has even been known to take a snooze too! You have to wonder where are his fellow wild buns?


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