Teddy doing what he does best – eating!

The bunnies have been outside for quite some weeks now & have very much enjoyed munching all the lovely grass in their pens. However, some bunnies went full steam ahead with their grazing & have practically scalped their pens already.

Teddy & Daisy’s pen before they were let out.
Teddy & Daisy’s pen less than 2 weeks later!

As you can see above most of the grass has gone, in fact in took Ted & Daisy less than¬† seven days to chomp all the grass away. Now it’s digging & pooing whilst eating what shoots the grass puts up.

Next up Thumper & Annie’s pen.

Lushes grass in Thumper & Annie’s pen.

Two weeks later…

Thumper & Annie’s pen, not much left in 2 weeks.

Rumble & Tilly’s pen faired slightly better after two weeks.

Tilly & Rumble’s pen before they were let out.

And after two weeks…

Tilly & Rumble’s pen did slightly better after 2 weeks but still not much left.

The bunnies have loved munching all that lushes grass but now there is not much left. This gives them opportunity to dig, mark out their latrines & generally allow weeds to grow!¬† This is why the pens need a winter rest & time to recover otherwise there wouldn’t be any grass left at all, just soil, weeds & a rather disappointing pen.


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