They Say it Comes in Threes….


They say bad things come in threes but not in my case – it’s FOUR! I cannot believe half of my bunnies have been to the vets this week & none of it is particularly good news.
First is Tilly, I found a lump around her teat. The vet said it is a thickening of her mammary glands which does not bode well.  It’s highly likely Tilly has cancer. She is to have a biopsy next to determine what we are dealing with.  If the result is positive rather than negative, there will be a tough decision to make.


Next up is Toffee, I noticed in certain lights he looked like he had swirls of cloudiness in his eyes. Upon his check up, it was found he is in the very early stages of cataracts.  There is nothing we can do so he will eventually go blind.


Of course Rumble had to be in the four. His allergy has got away from him again & he now has an infection.  He is on antibiotics for at least two weeks. What is a worry is that his infections are on the increase. Could he have abscesses in his chest or something going on that we can’t determine? Hopefully, he will do well on the antibiotics & be ok when he comes off them.


Then Patch has done a very bad thing.  She has managed to fracture her femur. Never wanted to hear the word fracture, leg & my rabbit in the same sentence again. I have had previous experience with a bunny called Polly. One day I will put her story on this site.  At the moment she is comfortable & on painkillers after having an x ray while the vets come up with the best plan.  As per usual it isn’t straight forward, Patch has done quite a tricky fracture.  It is very high up her leg & makes fixing it difficult. I suspect next week is going to be very stressful & I may need a miracle or two.


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