Broken Leg!

Patch after her operation.

Been a hectic week with all my patients. Poor Patch has actually broken her leg. She had her operation on Mon to fix it & the vet practically performed a miracle with it.  The operation was complicated by the discovery that Patch has Osteoporosis, her bones are quite weak. It has required quite a few pins & external framework to help support & keep things in place. So far, she is doing pretty well considering. She has had to be confined to a dog crate & is on human bedding only. We cannot afford for her to snag her leg.

As of today she is eating & drinking well. Her guts are normal & she is very bright.  So much so she is quite a handful & scaring me to death trying to get out & about.  We just can’t risk a bang or twist.

Other patient updates, Tilly is awaiting her biopsy which is next week, Rumble seems to be improving with the antibiotics & Toffee is just Toffee, getting around well.

Everything crossed Patch gets through the next 2 weeks & we might just be able to breathe a little easier. We still have a long way to go yet though.


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