Patient Updates.

Patch before she damaged her leg.

Sweet Patch has been doing pretty well these last few days. Her antibiotics have stopped which caused a worrying time, but I have been eagle eyed watching out for an infection. The only medication Patch is on now is a painkiller. She visited the vets on Thurs & is looking very good. She has no infection & the leg seems stable. Patch is to stay on the 1ml of painkiller for now & is to be checked again in 2 weeks time. Let’s hope things keep stable & carry on as they are.

Sleepy Rumble.

Rumble appears to be improving but has had a couple of bad allergy days.  There was just one day of white mucus & that was after he had been nebulized, so just got to hope that was just broken up crud coming out of his system. He does sleep a lot but that is nothing new for Rumble.  Alas, on Thurs of this week, Rumble had more white mucus from his nostrils. On the advice of the vet, he is to continue on his antibiotics.

Tilly enjoying life.

Tilly had some good news at the vets on Thurs, she didn’t have to have her biopsy. Another lump was found on her opposite teat which is exactly the same as the original lump. Cancer doesn’t behave so uniformly, so it is looking likely that her hormones are causing the mammary glands to swell. For now I am to closely monitor her & she will go for a recheck in 2 weeks time.

Toffee getting around ok & doing some visiting, not that Rumble noticed!

Toffee at the moment doesn’t seem to be hampered by his cataracts, which is good news. He is missing his Patch but she is next to his pen in her dog crate, so they can see each other.

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