Rumble Found Guilty!


Rumble checking everything is the way he wants it.

This was the scene that greeted me as I returned from my lunch back to the shed the other day.

Rumble had managed to spread the sawdust under the carpet as well as on top.
Rumble’s hard work paid off as he’d managed to dig right through the bale of sawdust.
A view from the top.

Thing is Rumble has previous!

Rumble’s previous, aided by his then partner Bubbles.
This took some cleaning up I can tell you.
Rumble’s tunnel.
Rumble was very pleased with his work.
The damage.

The first time Rumble did this he had only just learnt how to dig. Bubbles, his then partner had to teach him to do lots of bunny things.  This was because he was found dumped in a cardboard box at a young age & hadn’t learnt how to do bunny things such as digging.
When I walked into the shed on this occasion, Bubbles ran off knowing they had been naughty but Rumble came running up to me to show me what he’d done. He just thought he’d done a great job.
The second time he committed the offence, he again came over to me to show me what he’d done & was very pleased with all his hard work. In fact he was quite giddy about it & did a few happy skips & jumps. As annoying as it was for me, I couldn’t be mad at him either time.  He may have caused me a nightmare clean up especially on the carpet & picking out all the plastic but he’d had a jolly good time doing it.

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