Apple Branches!

Rumble enjoying his apple branch.

Apple branches are one of my bunnies favourite things, they love the leaves, gnawing at the branch & if they are really lucky they may find the odd apple.

The apple stash!
Teddy & Daisy tuck in.
Teddy can’t eat his quick enough.
Daisy looks on as she quickly tries to scoff her branch & move on to Teds’.

Apple branches are good for the bunnies in several ways, they are a good boredom breaker, help wear their teeth, provides them with a natural way of eating food & makes them very happy especially if they find an apple. Just make sure any apple branches given have not been sprayed with any chemicals & don’t overdo feeding them apples.  They contain natural sugars that too much of may cause gut issues.

Patch loving the apple branch.
“It’s so tasty & great to get your teeth into.”
Annie quickly getting to the branch before Thumper.
Thumper soon sniffs out the branch.
Toffee happily munching away.
Toffee loves the leaves.

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