Rumble & Tilly Play Out!

Rumble finding the leaves.

The inside of the shed has been prepared for the bunnies for winter.  This includes lots of cardboard boxes to play on or in, pipes to run through, litter tray of leaves to mess about it & eat & anything else they wish to investigate.  First out was Rumble & Tilly.

Tilly went for a hay munch.

By far the favourite thing was the leaf litter tray.

Rumble found it first.
Afterwards he went for a little rest.
Tilly found the leaf tray & enjoyed herself.
Tilly collecting a stray leaf.
It was time for a good drink after all their investigating & leaf munching.
Tilly wanders off while Rumble looks at me with the camera!

It was then time to go home…

Rumble & Tilly, all tired out after their adventurous day.

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