Teddy & Daisy Have Fun!


Teddy seeing if there is anything under the table.

It was Teddy & Daisy’s turn to have a good play out all day in their shed. First thing to be explored were the bales of hay, of course they were both being led by their tummies!

Daisy eating the hay.
Teddy has had enough & he’s off elsewhere.
Daisy investigates the chair next.

After the hay & chair investigations , Daisy spotted the boxes with the pipe tunnels.

Daisy having a good smell of the boxes.
A quick hop along the top of the boxes.
Daisy then turned her attention to the pipe tunnels.
A quick chin of the pipe & box.
Daisy takes time out.

Meanwhile, Teddy has found one of his favourite things – an apple branch!

Teddy gets cracking on the apple branch.
Yummy apple branch.
Teddy is soon joined by Daisy for a munch on the apple branch.
Teddy does some investigations moving so quick he’s just a blur.
Teddy finds another one of his favourite things – a Fibafirst stick.

Daisy is living up to her nickname of Crazy Daisy. She decided she would jump in the apple branch barrel.

Daisy is in there somewhere.
Daisy not considering she can’t get out, all she wants is the branches.

And after all that exploration, Teddy & Daisy were beat.

Teddy & Daisy tired out.

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