Patch’s Ongoing Stressful Recovery!

Patch in her exercise space.

So, a lot has happened with Patch since my last update. In December it was agreed she could move out of her crate into a bigger pen in the hope the fixed broken leg would become stronger. As things were not progressing much I also made an exercise area for her in the hope that would also strengthen the leg.

Last month she had a check up & I had been keeping my vet up to date with videos of her. It was devastating to hear that her leg is not going to improve, this is because the leg is moving too much at the break & not at the joint as it should do. This is causing her to be lop sided & her good leg has started to move inward as though she were a tripod. This is resulting in her suffering from urine burn & pressure sores.

Urine burn is a total nightmare to maintain & come the warmer weather puts her at great risk of flystrike.  Patch is having regular baths which she tolerates very well.  When I say baths, it’s either a foot bath or a very shallow bath. It’s not good to get them too wet or wet unnecessarily.

Of course there couldn’t just be a minimum amount of problems, another problem she is suffering from is tummy upsets.  This started just before Christmas. I put her on some Protexin  but it didn’t seem to have much effect unless it stopped things getting worse, which I couldn’t tell. As the weeks progressed it has become worse &  last week has been quite frankly horrendous. Her poos even though they were big, soft & very smelly, did have some normal shape to them.  She was also doing normal poos too. But for some reason all that changed later in the week, the poo is very soft, no shape & terribly smelly. I immediately put her on Fibreplex, a probiotic, in the hope it would help calm her tummy down. To date it is unclear if it is having any effect. She has also lost weight & is not eating all her food during the day. We initially thought the tummy upset could be due to the long term use of the Metacam but she has been off that over a week & it hasn’t made any difference.

The two big questions for me is the tummy upset caused by the E.Cuniculi that is grumbling away inside her & just how long can we go on with this maintenance  where it is still right to do so? Patch is bright & is still interested in her surroundings which muddies the waters a lot.

Patch got a ‘companion’ this week as I felt she was needing company & more support when she is doing things like resting & eating.

Patch has taken to her companion well.

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