Teddy & Daisy’s Hay Day!

Teddy wondering if I have something more interesting than hay.

It’s that time again when Teddy & Daisy have their day of running amok in their shed for the entire day.  Today’s favourite thing is the hay bales, lots of yummy hay to eat & a good vantage point to see what I am up to.

Teddy thinking does he go for the hay or see what I have got.
Definitely wants to know what I have got. Daisy looks on, not wanting to miss out.
Teddy realises it’s just the camera while Daisy has a good munch.
Daisy can’t resist she has to find out if she’s missing out on anything good.
Both tired out after their day of hay munching & keeping a beady eye on me.
How on earth can that be comfortable?

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