Thumper goes Exploring while Annie Eats & Sleeps!

Annie & Thumper asking to get out of their pen.

It was Annie & Thumper’s turn to play around the shed & they were very eager to get on with it.

Exploring the new bales of hay.

The first thing they did was explore & eat the new bales of hay. The hay smells great so no wonder they were tempted. Thumper then went to investigate the vacuum pipe & desk.

Thumper checking out the desk.
Thumper moves on to checking the vacuum pipe.


Thumper considering his next move.

Thumper spies his Annie, time for a relax.

Thumper standing guard while Annie relaxes.
All too soon they’re back in their pen with Thumper trying desperately to get Annie to cuddle him.
Thumper gives up on Annie & goes to his comfy warm hay bed while Annie dozes.

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