Thumper’s Message.

Thumper enjoying his free time.

Hello, my name is Thumper & I am posting this message to inform bunny parents’ how important it is to vaccinate us. Me & my fellow bunny family have all been vaccinated & now we can enjoy the outdoors safely. As you can see below I love being outside.


Anyway, back to the point. We have all been vaccinated against three horrible diseases, these are myxomatosis, VHD1 & VHD2. The myxomatosis & VHD1 is a combined vaccine but the newer disease, VHD2 is a separate vaccine, this means you have to have two injections to cover three diseases. They also cannot be given at the same time, you must allow at least two weeks between each injection.   We always aim to have ours done in Feb so that if the weather is good in March we can go out straight away & it is heading to the height of the season too.

All three of these diseases cause a horrible painful death & not always quickly either.  My wild cousins suffer something shocking when they become inflicted with any of these diseases. The symptoms range from swollen eyelids that cause blindness, jaundice to internal haemorrhaging. So PLEASE VACCINATE your bunnies, whether they be house bunnies or not, they’re all at risk. Your other pets can carry the disease into the house.  It’s your responsibility as a bunny parent to protect & care for your bunny to the best of your abilities, if you don’t you will witness & cause a lot of needless suffering in your bunny. I would strongly urge you to read our page on Vaccination, please click this link for more information on the diseases & vaccinations.

Now enjoy these photos of me loving the outdoors safely & the lovely grass.

Ok, I know I’m looking weird!
That’s better, yum yum.

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