Patch’s Roller Coaster ride!

Patch relaxing with her ‘companion’.

The roller coaster ride of Patch’s ongoing recovery continues, with more highs & lows. In my last post, Patch was doing really well & just had tummy upsets.  Things have changed again, firstly her broken leg has now fully healed which is amazing news but the downside is that the huge callous that has formed around the break appears to be making the leg splayed.  Unfortunately, this has brought back the urine burn, however, we do seem to be keeping it under control applying Vaseline once a day.

Patch with her splayed leg.

Her pickiness in eating had slowly increased to the point where she was eating nothing but vegetables. This meant a huge weight loss but she is bright & lively. Due to the lack of eating & that it had worsened, Patch visited the vet & a spur was found right at the back of her mouth, so Patch had a dental last week. It was also discovered that Patch had two other little spurs.  The spurs were dealt with & Patch recovered well from the operation, which was no small feat due to her weight loss, age & the number of anaesthetics over the last twelve months. The hope was that she would start to eat normally, unfortunately, this has not happened. She is eating a lot better than before but not 100% of her food.  Some days she will eat half, others nothing & then she’ll eat everything.  It is most illogical as she is as bright as a button. Patch also had a blood test to check for kidney & liver function, the results showed they were raised but not enough to cause the eating issue. So far we have had two consecutive days of her tummy upsets but then she stopped eating for 24 hours & all seems good again. Although, that’s not guaranteed. Patch has now upgraded to her exercise area as her permanent home unless I can pair her back with her partner, Toffee, which has been given the go ahead by the vet.

Patch in her new home.
Patch now has a lot of room to move about & strengthen her muscles.

The pairing with Toffee went well as far as no aggression but Toffee was just too amorous & Patch & her leg cannot have the stress of an amorous husbun. The pairing continues daily in the hope Toffee will calm down & Patch relaxes more with him.

A dish of grass to distract Toffee from his amorous behaviour.



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