Weed Heaven!

Teddy & Daisy enjoying weeds!

Strictly speaking the weeds were not actually weeds, just clumps of grass that had grown around some plants.  This grass was very young & fresh which meant the bunnies loved it.

Daisy clearing up the ‘weeds’ before Big Ted realises they are there.
Teddy still non the wiser as Daisy continues to scoff.
Another day & more ‘weeds’.
Teddy & Daisy can’t eat them quick enough.
‘Weed’ heaven!
The leftovers, which won’t be there for long.

It wasn’t just Teddy & Daisy who benefitted from the ‘weeds’, Thumper got a look in too.

Thumper has the ‘weeds’ all to himself.
Still no Annie, who is probably having a siesta – she’s missing out!

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