A Dark Day.

Rumble 2012 – 2020.

Dearest Rumble left us last Sunday the 24th. He had been on antibiotics for a week for an infection, which he was prone to get due to his ongoing allergy. The antibiotics appeared to be working as his mucus became less & clearer, although his hard breathing remained albeit had eased. His eating had improved, he was bright & loving the outdoors. It was Sat evening when things took a turn for the worse, he seemed to be struggling for breath but once I gave him the inhaler, he settled, in fact he even ate some of his tea. But later that night he had another episode & once again I administered the inhaler, it worked but not as well & took longer.  I decided to stay up with him all night & keep an eye on him. Throughout the night I only had to administer another dose around 2am, he settled & gave himself a good clean. It was 7.30am in the morning when he suddenly deteriorated, I managed to keep him ticking over until I could call my vets, I got him there as soon as I could & they immediately put him in an oxygen chamber. Tilly, his missus, accompanied him to the vets as she is a very good nurse to Rumble & provided him with a lot of comfort. The vet said his lungs were full of infection & it wasn’t looking good. Rumble fought his last battle & lost later that morning. It is possible that Rumble had abscesses in his lungs with the amount of infections he’s had to endure over his life & also every time he had a chest infection, his lungs would be scarred afterwards making them weaker. I really thought the maintenance plan I had with him would have prevented this from happening, maybe it’s because it didn’t start early enough as I was still researching, or maybe this would have happened anyway.  It’s a heart breaking loss.

As a tribute to my little Rumby I have posted some of my favourite photos of him. Enjoy!


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