Annie’s Troubles.

Annie Loves the Oak Block.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed Annie didn’t have her right eye open fully, on investigation I found her eye was full of pus. I immediately bathed & cleaned her eye in cooled boiled water. I could then see that the pus was sitting on top of her eyeball & if I very gently massaged her eyelid, more pus oozed down her eye.  This actually made it easier to clean off.

Rabbit pus is one of the most horrendous things to deal with, it’s the consistency of thick cream cheese & is very difficult to remove, it basically just doesn’t want to come off anything.  Annie was well in herself & she gets a gold star for letting me bathe her eye with no trouble. I immediately got her booked in at the vets, pus cannot be left, it needs to be dealt with asap.

Annie sitting Pretty!

At the vets she was diagnosed with conjunctivitis. The vet flushed her eye & prescribed eye drops for the next week.  It is not clear how she came to have conjunctivitis but it is possible she got something in her eye, like a grass seed, which has since come out but it has caused an infection. Whilst she was at the vets, I also mentioned that Annie’s weight loss over summer had dropped by double the amount of previous summers. My rabbits have a winter weight & a summer weight, this is because they have access to more exercise during the summer months.  In fact, had I not started to increase her food she would have lost even more.  I requested a full Mot & all was well but to me something is wrong, so she had a blood test. Personally, I like to nip any problems in the bud, it can save a lot of stress, time & money by doing this.

After approximately 10 days,  Annie’s eye was free from pus but after a week of being clear it has returned, so I restarted the eye drops. After a couple of days the eye was producing milky tears & looked like it was going to clear up, but then, Tuesday of this week more pus appeared & a large lump appeared over the eye with the pus.  The lump was hard to feel & when I gently massaged it I couldn’t get any pus to come out or down her eye socket. I have to admit I was gutted as I new it was going to be an abscess, my total dread. What shocked me the most was how quickly the lump appeared, it literally appeared within 12 hours.

Annie having a nosey at the camera.

So the following day she visited the vet who confirmed it was an abscess & it is possible that the abscess was there all along, but was undetectable until it grew.  The treatment is an aggressive course of antibiotics, namely Penicillin by injection, with a lot of luck we may succeed otherwise it will be an op to lance the abscess. What worries me the most about that is that an abscess wound has to heal from the inside out so has to be left open. What on earth am I going to do about flies? At least for now, Annie is well in herself, her bloods all came back good & we’re on with the Penicillin.

Annie also has to have some Probiotics as the Penicillin drug can cause major tummy upsets which she doesn’t need & we have switched eye drops as the hope is that the eye cream will work better on the infection than the previous drops. This is going to be a huge uphill battle that ultimately could cost Annie her life. That might seem over the top but abscesses are never to be underestimated, the difficulty of treating them & the awkward place Annie’s abscess is makes it very, very difficult.

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