Nightmare Part Two.

Teddy, little did he know he was going to have to get used to that desk a lot while he endures his maintenance.

So, following on from my Nightmare Part 1 post, as I said I found a huge lump on Teddy, it was so big it had distorted his face. Once again it had appeared really quickly & I was pretty convinced it was an abscess. At the vets it was confirmed, my heart sank as this was two of them now & both are in an awkward place. Teddy had his op to lance & drain it the same day as Annie, I can’t tell you what a stressful day that was. His op revealed a large abscess & a lot of his surrounding tissue had gone necrotic which wasn’t good as it meant he had to have a lot of tissue cut away & it was so deep not all of it could be removed. Inside the abscess a grass seed was found which was the culprit, how it got there is a mystery as there was no wound for it to get in & his teeth are great with no gaps but somehow it seems most likely it must have gone down through his teeth/gums.

Teddy didn’t do as well as Annie coming round from the anaesthetic, it took him just over 24 hours to be more like his normal self. He too was kept in the house, but because his abscess wound had been kept open, I kept Teddy in the house for a few days as the risk of flies getting into the wound in the shed were greater than the house. I kept him in a room where everything was kept shut & I made regular checks on him to make sure no flies were in the room. This wasn’t ideal so we did get our thinking caps on.

Teddy after his op, really not a happy lad.

Teddy wouldn’t eat much even a couple of days after the op, eventually I did get him eating grass & clover but nothing else. I tried him on all his favourite foods but he didn’t want any. He was actually stressed living in the house, all the different noises & being away from the normal bunny shed routine. He needed to get back out to the shed as soon as possible. He also managed to rip out one of the staples from his wound but luckily there was no harm done.

Teddy in his makeshift pen inside the house.

Finally, we solved the problem of how to protect Teddy from the flies in the shed – a mosquito net! Thanks to a human bunny relative.

Teddy in his fly proof pen – hopefully!


Once Teddy was back in the shed he perked up a lot & was a lot more interested in food. He had to be separated from his wife Daisy & will remain so for quite sometime. Teddy was still not eating enough but enough to keep his guts going. He will be losing weight & the concern is he won’t be strong enough to fight the abscess. Poor Teddy has to have his wound cleaned twice a day & then gently squeezed to get out any pus.  The pus, unfortunately, does confirm his abscess is back. He is also on daily Penicillin injections. I do think it is the stress & handling of Teddy that knocked him off eating, also I think he is in a little pain. It is so hard to get the painkillers down him, even wrapping him in a towel is tricky with the position of the wound. We just have to hope that the Penicillin does it’s job.  I couldn’t just get one rabbit with an abscess, it had to be two!

Teddy’s open wound.

The huge swelling is inflamed tissue & a haematoma which I am glad to say has reduced a lot.

Annie Update: Annie is doing great & I am hoping the abscess is reducing but quite hard to tell.

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